Since March 2020, PT. Sumber Alam Mitra Indonesia (Berlamitra) is one of the shareholders of PT. Kampung Kearifan Indonesia (Javara). Javara is a company producing organic processed food products to B2B market with almost 300 stock keeping units with export market as well as local market in modern channels.

Since the investment Dr. Ir. Darwin Cyril Noerhadi, MBA was appointed as President Commissioner at Javara.

Javara is the flagship of PT. Kampung Kearifan Indonesia, a company that work across the supply chain to sustain Indonesia’s forgotten food biodiversity heritage by delivering it to national and international market.

Through partnership with farmers, foragers, fishers and food artisans, Javara offer a wide range of finest natural, organic and artisanal food product originating from various regions of Indonesia archipelago.

Javara sells over 600 artisanal products and works with 50,000 small holders farmers across Indonesia. The company intervenes along the supply chains to strengthen supplier’s production capacity, improve workplace safety and markets product nationally and internationally, securing premium price for the farmers and processors.

Javara’s value chain includes farmers with small landholdings, organized into farmer collectives. Javara creates local farm entrepreneurs and helps them develop high market potential products and supports them to adopt sustainable and economically beneficial farming practices such as crop rotation or inter-cropping.

Javara works with over 25 partners across 18 countries in Europe, America, and Asia. The company engages in co-branding partnerships and has 60 domestic partners, which include large retailers, premium supermarkets, and hotel chains that carry Javara labeled products.

Do you know that spices thrive in various places in Indonesia? Spices are part of flavorful and strongly flavored plant that is used in small quantities in food as a preservative or perisa in cooking. Until now, Indonesia’s original commodity from Indonesia which contributes much to the country’s economy. If prices in their own country tend to be very cheap, it turns out to be expensive goods abroad.

About spice volunteers, because only 4% from 7000 spices in our country which is utilized and for that fact is so bad news for all of us. In fact many countries especially in Europe spices is very expensive and that fact a good news for all of us. We want talk about Indonesian Spices in the world. So this is some of it:

  1. Vanili/Vanilla is the one of the most expensive commodities in the world, this plant is also called green gold. If the quality and post-harvest processing is good accordance with International standards. The current constraint is knowledge in doing post-harvest processing that is not qualified to cause vanilla commodity produced in Indonesia particularly has decreased the price. The relevant government should provide appropriate counseling related to correct post-harvest processing so as to increase the local treasury and improve the economy of the peasant community of Indonesia Vanili.
  2. Merica/White Pepper, this is the most desirable harvest of the world chefs because it creates a cuisine full of flavor. The need for this commodity has become a major requirement in high class European cuisine as well as cuisine in the region of Uni Emirat Arab (UEA). The spicy and warm taste and distinctive aroma is very popular with the European community that has cold climate of snow.
  3. Nutmeg Indonesia is the best producer of nutmeg in the world. Nutmeg is also an important commodity in Europe, not only as a spice dish but also as a basic ingredient of cosmetic and health products. Indonesia is very overwhelmed in providing commodity nutmeg for export to Europe. North Sulawesi and Maluku/Ambon are the best nutmeg producing districts that are exported to Europe because the taxicity of mushrooms called aflatoxin is very low or even absent. European entrepreneurs are very focused on the quality of consumers, so that the need for agricultural extension of good cultivation of nutmeg cultivation and post harvest processing right so that it can meet the standards of export commodities.
  4. Cloves,  90% of the amount is marketed to domestic cigarette factories and the rest are in traditional markets and for the cosmetics and health industries. Clove has long been cultivated in Indonesia as a raw material for making cigarettes and clove oil. Clove oil can be produced from flowers, twigs and leaves at different prices. Indonesia is the largest producers in the world because cloves can only grow in tropical area.
  5. Cardamom, this spice is the most popular commodity in the middle east and India for the manufacture of curry foods that have a very distinctive taste. In Indonesia the plant is cultivated for traditional herbs as well as high quality procedures of essential oil for cosmetic, perfume, food and pharmaceutical industries.
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